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 As sports therapy and pain management specialists, we care deeply about helping people achieve peak functionality and performance.

We were tired of being bounced around between clinics and doctors for our pain and injuries and decided to becomes experts in helping patients heal and become the best versions of themselves. 

We take our experience from working with athletes in the NHL, MLB, NCAA, OHL, PSA, and numerous Team Canada athletes, and treat you with the same extensive assessment and treatment protocols. 

Each of our patients leave us with various methods of exercises and programming to make sure their issues never become reoccurring. 


Shahab Moayedi

Dr. Sunny Gandhi is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I was having severe neck, back and shoulder pain from a work injury, I saw many other doctors who couldn’t correctly diagnose me or treat me for months. He was able to correctly diagnose me the first time and after just the first session with him I was able to see dramatic improvements. He knew exactly which muscles and nerves were causing my pain and went to work right away with acupuncture and adjustment

Simon Elchoufani

Sunny is an absolute magician. I've had chronic lower back and hip pain for almost 10 years. I'm an athlete and was always limited due to my injury. I've gone to countless chiropractors, physiotherapist, osteopaths, doctors looking for help with no success. Sunny fixed me to brand new within 4 sessions. I didn't know him before my first visit but wish I did. Don't waste anymore time if your having physical issues, GTA Spine is what you need. Thank you doc for fixing me!

Shawn Kreugar

I have terrible arthritis in both knees, and the doctors said I will likely need both replaced even though I am only currently 44. From the first day I walked in Dr. G explained everything to me in a way I could under stand and even drew it out for me. He told me if I promised to do my side of the work, he would do his. After 8 visits I am able to walk up and down the stairs with no pain, and am able to go for walks without any pain. Prior to coming to this clinic I tired physiotherapy and chiropractor at another clinic.

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